Thursday, 11 March 2010

So i'm pretty new to this blogging melarkey. Thought i would start my training log on-line for a bit of accountability.

So instead of posting up everything thus far i think i will go ahead and start it off with this week's worth...

At the moment i am following OPT's blog.

Monday 8th March:

50 double unders
5 thrusters, 42.5kg
40 double unders
10 thrusters, 42.5kg
30 double unders
15 thrusters, 42.5kg
20 double unders
20 thrusters, 42.5kg
10 double unders
25 thrusters, 42.5kg


Rest 6 hours

150 kettlebell swings, 32kg


Tuesday 9th March:

Hip mobilisations

Build up to a max on the Bear Complex;
1 power clean
1 front squat
1 push press
1 back squat
1 push press

x7, only allowing 'touch and go' at the deck.

Had to do 5 sets and so did it with 40kg-45kg-50kg-45kg-40kg.

Rest 6 hours

5 sets of;
row 1 min for max metres
rest 2 mins

rest 10 mins

5 sets of;
row 30 secs for max metres
rest 2 mins

1 minute intervals broke down as 314m-308m-297m-296m-289m.
30 second intervals broke down as 163m-162m-163m-163m-163m.
Total metres of 2318m

Wednesday 10th March:

Hip mobilisations

Screwed this up something royal. Was supposed to be 'death by chest to bar pull up' followed by 'death by burpee'.
I read it as a max unbroken set and so did that. Boo.

Max set of unbroken chest to bar pull ups = 27
Max set of unbroken burpees = 29

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